The Parent Sex Ed Blueprint

Caiti Courtier is a former Health and Physical Education Teacher with a Masters of Education turned Parent Sex Ed Coach and founder of The Parent Sex Ed Blueprint. After substitute teaching in both Australia and America she saw patterns emerge with similar questions the student’s would ask, their desperate need to have accurate and open conversations about sex education became a pattern. She worked teaching sexual health education sessions to teachers and health professionals and it became clear that they were not having conversations around sex ed because they did not feel prepared to. Realizing she would only be able to teach a small number of students each year, she decided to shift her focus to teaching parents because they are a constant source in their children’s lives to impart information to them. She takes a modern day approach to sex education using a holistic, self esteem building and mental health awareness model. Her mission is to help guide parents in developing confidence and share awareness that talking about sex ed is much more than we have been led to believe. The Parent Sex Ed Blueprint offers self-paced courses for parents to learn when to talk, what to talk about and how to talk.

-from Caiti Courtier, The Parent Sex Ed Blueprint
Online: https://www.theparentsexedblueprint.com