College was an ah-mazing blur of a good time. I lived with my best friends, met my future husband and lived for a good frat party or mid week bar bender.

Oh yeah…I also earned a top notch degree in education…

But the parties was tha’ BOMB folks.

I would say that I miss those days, but there is no need for that. Really my life now with four young kids fifteen years later doesn’t look that differently than the drunken college days. Small humans are a lot like those fun, tipsy college friends of mine.  I still kind of live in a warped version of a college fraternity.

Remember drinking and then going to the local grocery store with your inebriated roommates? They used to stagger in front of other people and throw a bunch of random stuff into the cart as you diligently put the unnecessary groceries back upon the shelves. I am STILL performing this feat years later as my twin toddlers wobble though the store desperately trying to rip open a box of cookies and eat them in aisle nine. Mmmmmmm cookies.

Everyone remembers tucking a blasted roommate or two in for the evening. Your girlfriend had waaaaay to much to drink. You guided her gently to her bed, rolled her in and turned her onto her side. You might have even kindly pushed her nest of sweaty hair away from her already slack face. She mumbled some incoherent words to you about how much she “totally loves you” and then promptly passed out softly snoring. Sound familiar moms?  I bet it does. This happens to me every night times four…except the only one who has been drinking would be me.

Sometimes the kids run around the house without their pants off screaming at the top of their lungs. College flashback anyone? During the university years my former frat-boy husband ran through a lecture hall butt naked throwing hot dogs all over yelling, “get your hot, steaming wieners!” I had that professor the next year and he told this story to the five hundred people in the course. It’s as close to dating someone famous as I have ever gotten.

Rewind to the nastiness of your boyfriend’s fraternity house or to your own college dwelling. Recall the sticky surfaces, piles of clothes everywhere, bottles scattered all over the floors, maybe some old pee puddles taking up residence on the bathroom floor. That is still happening around here guys. Yes the piles of clothes are small and pink and yes the bottles are infant in nature, but the mess and chaos is basically the same.

Late night study sessions, late night parties, late night nothings because when you are twenty you think that staying up really late is just so freaking fantastic. Besides you might only have one noon class the next day and then you can go back to sleep until dinnertime. Go ahead and fantasize about traveling back in time and screaming “Go f**k yourself!” at former you. Did we ever dream that decades later we would STILL be up all night long?  It never crossed my mind. For the last ten years one of these little gems of mine have gone through a we-hate-sleep phase. This means that I have not had a solid sleep since the pre-children days. Gone are the days of sleeping until noon and napping until dinner. Even when I have the flu that dream is a damn unicorn.

Four years of sheer madness and freedom. I drank beer, ate whatever the hell I wanted, slept some days away, and lived on my parent’s dime. Those were some great years.

Great as they were though they don’t hold a candle to this…

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