Whether you’re cuddling up on the couch for a mid-afternoon story or winding down at bedtime, a great book brings families together for quality time and important conversations. A must-have for your kiddo’s bookshelf is Stick and Stone: Best Friends Forever, a new adventure for beloved BFFs Stick and Stone.

In Beth Ferry’s latest book, beautifully illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld, Stick searches for his family tree (Is it an oak? A maple? Who are the other sticks he’ll get to meet?). As any wonderful wingman would do, Stone accompanies his pal on the journey to find his roots. Throughout their adventure, this sweet picture book delivers a big message about friendship and unconditional love. 

Stick and Stone: Best Friends Forever brings to life the idea that people who are not born into your family can fill spaces in your heart. From friends to neighbors, “family” takes many forms over a lifetime. A good friend brings comfort and support. They’re by our sides through happy times and sad times and especially when the world feels scary. (As any parent navigating the uncertainty of a pandemic knows, these special relationships are everything!) 

Clever illustrations visualize the playful rhymes in this relatable tale that resonates with kids and adults alike. Reading this heartwarming book with your children gives parents the opportunity to explore the importance of learning about where we came from, as well as the ability of “found family” to help us grow! 


Read the book and download the free activity kit!

-Jessica Solloway