Well, here’s a video that pulled at my heartstrings and then left me in tears…. Nonetheless, causing me to reminisce.

I recall my youthful years, attending Elementary School, in Alabama. I had two besties girlfriends, that I could never forget. We were the dynamic trio…spending countless hours after school playing, as well as challenging each other from time to time on the playground, with who could run the fastest, jump the highest, and anything else that boys thought that girls couldn’t do better than them.

There were some memories, which came to mind, after I watched this tear jerking video. The video depicted a young child opening his lunch box, at school, only to find that it was empty. While it could have been an exaggeration, by being totally empty, conscious people get the message. It was that, in the end, the children had compassion. They were familiar with the concept of “sharing.”

Without words, the story being told is that, while he was away, each child put something from their own lunch box, into his. When the young child returned to his seat, after trying to pass time in the hallway-shameful of his empty lunchbox, he found a full lunch box on his desk.

So, what did this make me remember? I remember being in the 4th grade, and having two compassionate friends. I never went to school with an empty lunch box. However, I went with one bologna sandwich. I did not eat bologna. The sight of it made me throw-up. This was back when you did not choose what you ate, and the philosophy was, long as it didn’t kill you, you’d be ok. Some people are laughing at that right now, because they can relate. And then, there are others, who are calling me insensitive to compare a child who has no lunch, to one who has something that they just don’t like. If you are thinking this, you may totally miss the point altogether here. I am talking about compassion, caring, sharing, giving, and taking care of each other.

The point is: I had two friends who watched me open my lunch box/bag every day, to the same sandwich, while they were eating a full lunch. They knew that I was not eating, And that I could not purchase something else at lunch. I had classmates who purchased a Welch’s Grape or Orange popsicle at break time, whereas I could not- but had to sit in the same class during that break time, while they all ate ice cream. I had two friends who were kind enough to take turns every day, sharing their lunch with me, while I gave my sandwich to someone who happened to love bologna and who did not have a lunch at all. I had another friend in middle school, who did the same thing when it came to recess. He always shared his snack, when I could not get one. And regardless of the reason, that’s what I remember. I didn’t miss out on anything, because I had friends, who knew that sharing was caring, and they knew to take care of each other.

In watching the video, the empty lunch box is what “makes the impact” not the case. Because, I seriously doubt that anyone sent their child to school with an empty lunch box to open at lunch time, all to find out that it was empty. Some evil surprise that would be. I suffice to say, I do know that there are children right here in America, who do not have lunch though- And, I know about the starving kids, who would have loved to have a bologna sandwich. Both are topics that deserve awareness.

The summit is, to take care of each other. If you are a parent, who can do a little more- why not? I know I would and I have tried. I teach my child about giving and sharing, every opportunity I get. I let him know how much of a difference he can make in the world, with small acts of kindness. Compassion goes a long way. When I teach my son about sharing- I always pack a little extra when we go to the park. When he takes a break from the slides and slopes, to have his juice, water, sandwich, cookies or fruit, we always have enough for the other children. If it’s not enough fruit bars for each child to have their own, then the giving multiplies itself even more, in that everyone will break theirs in half, to make sure the next child has something. It is my hope that when he sees me doing this in the park, he will emulate it in school, if he were to ever see a kid not eating.

Featured Photo Courtesy: Norma Melendez



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