Photo: Kori at Reality Moms

What mother has not obsessed about the KonMari Kraze happening nowadays? I know last year when I bought the Marie Kondo Art of Tidying Up book that if her secret got out – the whole world will be watching & doing! I guess her secret is out because she has her own Netflix and even KonMari’d Jimmy Kimmel!

If you haven’t heard about the method it’s pretty simple. You put all your items out in one pile. You pick them up one by one and if they spark joy – you keep it! If it doesn’t? Then you toss it out. It sounds so simple until you really start digging into the dirty in your house. Needless to say, I got a bit violent when I was doing it. The old clothes that my kids refused to give away? Bye Bye. The belt from 1985 that my husband won’t lose? Adios.

From dishes to dog toys you pretty much can clean out the clutter. For me, it has to be tidy in my world! If my house is tidy and clear then so is my mind. It saves the stress level too. It’s so hard to really explain until you get ride down to it.

So.. my dear friend invited me over to play ‘pretend’ Marie Kondo with her. We did it how real moms do. LEGO’S? You don’t even wanna know. Pokemon? Yep. There’s an issue there too. Hell hath no fury than a mom who stepped on a LEGO.