If you happened to hit theaters to check out Illumination’s new holiday hit, The Grinch, then you were among the first to get a look at The Secret Life of Pets 2 trailer. In case you missed it, you can also watch it online.

The first in a series of trailers that follows each of the main characters in the sequel, the new The Secret Life of Pets 2 trailer features lovable pup Max. Of course you might notice something different about Max this time around.

While the trailer shows Max on a dreaded visit to the vet, it also highlights his character’s new voice, now played by Patton Oswalt. Max was previously voiced by comedian Louis C.K., who was dropped for the sequel.

While the plot of the new film isn’t fully revealed, what remains clear is that it still promises to be very funny. Each month the studio will debut a new trailer featuring each of the movie’s characters.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 will be released in theaters summer 2019.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: The Secret Life of Pets via YouTube




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