There’s no question that kids’ feet seem to grow faster than the rest of their body. What if there was footgear that adjusted and expanded so that kids (especially those in need) always had a pair that fit? That’s the question The Shoe That Grows’ founder wanted to answer. Scroll down to get the scoop.

What It Is

Did you know that there are over 300 million children who don’t have shoes, and even more who have to deal with ill-fitting pairs? Enter The Shoe That Grows—founder Kenton Lee came up with the idea while working at an orphanage in Kenya. These shoes for children and adults grow five sizes and can last for years. As a child grows, it can adjust and expand, so you’re guaranteed a good fit.


The Shoe That Grows worked with several footwear companies to design shoes that work for kids and adults. They come in three sizes: youth small, youth large, and adult, and are available in four colors: tan, pink, blue, and black. When you purchase one pair, two get donated to children in need. To date, 85,000 pairs have been distributed worldwide. And keep an eye out…toddler and larger adult sizes are coming soon!

Innovative Design

Each shoe is made with the highest quality materials—compressed rubber. So think the durability of car tires with high-grade Velcro. Plus, they’re easy to clean, and each shoe compresses to a smaller size, so they’re great for travel.

You can purchase a pair for a child in need for $15. If you purchase a pair for yourself or a child in your life, they are $50, and an additional two pairs get donated to children in need.


Would you prefer shoes that grow with your child? Share with us in a Comment below. 

– Felissa Allard