Mini-Kick and Kick Scooter by Kickboard USA

Share your best scooter tips

Two wheels, three wheels, or whatever the groovin’ combination is, these super fun ride-ons are all the rage. Whether you have a fleet in parked in the garage or planing on picking up one soon, we are gathering valuable tips and favorite picks to help Red Tricycle readers get rolling.

Here’s some quick scooter scoop from the Red Tricycle Team:

Jacqui (Founder)- Lead by example! Grab a Razor, Diggler or Kickboard and hit the road or trail with your kids.

Drea (Marketing & Operations)Make sure you start them out of a really smooth surface, inside on the hardwood floors worked really nicely for getting the hang of it. The cracks in the sidewalks can be tricky to maneuver at first. Also, we love the three wheel Mini-Kickboard. It was the perfect size for our three year old and totally stable with the two wheels out in front. She was scooting away within seconds!

Laura (Advertising Director)– Start on a gentle hill so they get the idea of what it is like to balance.  Also, don’t forget the helmet:-)

Sarah (Chief Editor)– We haven’t done scooters yet, but I like the idea of practicing on grass, like in this picture, once your kids have gotten the hang of it. Build up strength, coordination, and speed on a soft surface before they go tearing down the concrete…

Margot (Los Angeles Community Manager)– Wrap the kid in bubble wrap?

Terumi (Seattle Community Manager)– We don’t have scooters yet but we’d start them out on the three wheel scooters.  and helmets, elbow pads.

Top 10 Super-Duper Scooter tips and suggestions by Red Tricycle Readers!

1. Rosanna D. currently scooterless, therefore entering contest. No actual scooter experience, but I imagine my top 3 tips would be: Zen: “Be one with the scooter. “Karate kid: “balance is key” Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

2. Megan W. Buy a good scooter!! Good, age appropriate design, makes for the best play. I watch lots of kids get frustrated with stuff they can’t ride, while my son does amazing stuff on his Mini-Kick scooter!!

3. Crystal S. I encourage my daughter to strenghten both legs by switching the pushing (dominate) leg now and then.

4. Stacey S. Watch out for small rocks and wear knee pads, elbow pads and helmet!

5. Caren M. It’s okay not to be good at this at first! Safe practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid of falling down; everyone does it and it’s Going to happen. And that’s okay.

6. Laura C. Model wearing a helmet and they’ll want to wear one too!

7. Deborah R. Definitely practice inside if you have wood/laminate floors. Gives them a good headstart before going outside.

8. Samantha J. Start on level ground first off no need to send them rocking and rolling yet. A must knee pad, elbow pads, helmet will make all falls easier for sure the body and mom’s hearts. Start slow then before you know it the kids will get it and probably be passing the adults by with happy laughs. Good luck to all Enjoy your outdoors scooter or not…. LIVE LOVE PLAY

9. Darrell- H. Plan Toys has a fabulous scooter! It has 5 wheels, non-slip pedals, adjustable handlebar to grow with the child, not to mention it is eco friendly and finished with non toxic vegetable dyes. Riding the Plan Toys scooter will help little ones develop gross motor skills while improving their coordination and balance. The quality of the equipment is first in foremost on my list as a parent and of course lots of padding/helmet etc. (My mother fixed a pillow to my bottom using a belt when I learned to roller skate, it seemed to work well for us)

10. Larisa M. My son loves the Mini-Kick he got for his 4th birthday last summer! He got the hang of it on the hardwood floors inside in less than 5 minutes, and we headed out to the nearest playground which has a circular cement path with a slight slope. He had a hard time pedaling the tricycle we bought him, and he was so excited to finally get on something where he could go fast! A helmet is a must; we used knee pads for a while too but they rubbed holes in his pants so we stopped using them.


Thanks everyone for participating and congrats to  Rosanna Der on winning the Mini-Kick Mommy & Me Scooter Set!