My boys love to run up and down the hill next to our house, so when my oldest became interested in winning, I thought it would be fun to sign them up for a fun run.

I didn’t expect to have to wake them.

I didn’t expect it to rain.

I didn’t expect it to be on Sunday. (I got the dates mixed up)

I didn’t expect to be late to the starting line.

I didn’t expect to walk the race with my boy who loves to run.

But that’s what happened. We had been looking forward to the big race for weeks. 6:30am came a little too early for our house and walking to the starting line far away from our parking spot wore my boys out before we started. So we walked, we ran a couple of times, but mostly we walked.

I didn’t expect them to love the race after walking the whole thing in the pouring rain.

But they did.

We talked more about races. They said they would like to do more as long as it wasn’t raining and I didn’t wake them up.

It wasn’t what I had pictured, but they still found a way to love it.  I would like to think that I helped them cultivate the ability to see the silver lining, but maybe, it is more mutual than I think.

Sometimes our expectations can be the very thing that get in our way of really enjoying ourselves.


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