No matter what method you use to potty-train your tykes, you can always use a little help motivating your kids to go when they need to—and hopefully get to the potty on time! “The Toilet Song” from The Wiggles is the new potty time anthem you’ve been waiting for.

The new tune from The Wiggles just dropped on YouTube and it couldn’t more perfect for encouraging toddlers to get their business done. This ingenious melody asks kids to take the toilet challenge. The Wiggles ask kids to make sure they are sitting on the toilet in order to listen, guaranteeing that tots will take their time on the potty and not rush away before they—or the conveniently timed three-minute song—are done.

Blue Wiggle (Anthony Field) explained, “Parents have been asking The Wiggles for decades now to write a song about toilet training, as this is such a big issue in early childhood. We know this song will make toilet training fun for children and be a help to those caring for them.”

The song can be viewed for free on The Wiggles YouTube Channel here. “The Toilet Song” is also available as a music single for download on most digital music services, including iTunes and Google Play, as well as streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: The Wiggles



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