We took a lot of care when choosing our kids’ names, but according to research done by University of California psychology professor Albert Mehrabian, some names lead to success more than others. In Professor Mehrabian’s book, The Baby Name Report Card: Beneficial and Harmful Baby Names, baby names were judged good or bad depending on other people’s perception of a chosen names. Each name was ranked on how successful, ethical, caring, and fun they seemed. Scroll below to see the results.

Most Successful Girl Names

1. Madeline (From Magdalene, meaning “of Magdala”)
2. Kate (Short form of Katherine, meaning “pure”)
3. Catherine (meaning “pure”)
4. Susan (Hebrew origin, meaning “lily”)
5. Lauraine (English origin, symbolic of honor and victory”)
6. Victoria (From the Latin vincere, meaning “to conquer”)
7. Katherine (meaning “pure”)
8. Elizabeth (Form of Elisabeth, meaning “God is my oath”)
9. Morgan (From the Old Welsh Morcant, meaning “sea” and “circle”)
10. Jacqueline (A feminine form of Jacques, meaning “heel” or “supplanter”)

Most Successful Boy Names

1. Madison (From a surname, meaning “son of Maud”)
2. Thomas (Greek origin, meaning “twin’)
3. Parker (Originally a surname, meaning “keeper of the park”)
4. Kenneth (From Scottish Gaelic names meaning “handsome”)
5. David (From the Hebrew Dawid meaning “beloved” or “favourite”)
6. Robert (Germanic, meaning “famous” or “bright)
7. James ( meaning “heel” or “supplanter”)
8. Christopher (meaning “christ” and pherein, meaning “to bear”)
9. Ross (Originally a surname, meaning “headland”)
10. Steven (Derived from the Greek word stephanos, meaning “crown” or “garland”)


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H/T: Closer