Unicorns never seem to lose their magic for kids (or grown-ups). They leaped across those Lisa Frank notebooks you toted in 4th grade and they’re still prancing all over kids’ clothes, books, and those special Frappuccinos. And now, you can even enjoy a little unicorn magic in your cereal bowl thanks to Kellogg’s new Unicorn Fruit Loops.

Earlier this year grocery stores in the UK made headlines when they started stocking the limited-edition cereal in yellow, purple and red. Now Kellogg’s has revealed that American unicorn fans will be treated to the same magical breakfast food. The US version which will be called Kellogg’s Unicorn Cereal will feature different colors, with red, blue and purple fruit loops, which Extra Crispy reports will be sprinkled with “white crunchlets” that taste like “magic cupcakes.” Sold.

At the moment, the only place you will be able to score this magically delicious breakfast is at the Kellogg’s Cereal Cafe in New York City where it will appear on the menu shortly. However, the cereal will be hitting store shelves for a limited time only in March 2018.

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