A family trip to Disney can be a magical experience but that doesn’t mean it comes without a little dose of stress. To keep mom and dad’s blood pressure down, we’ve come up with a few funky inventions that could help make Disney even more fun for the whole family and we’re taking our ideas straight to the Big Cheese in charge to see what he has to say!

1. Character Babysitters


photo credit: Jo Aaron

We Say: Mom and dad definitely need a break after a day at the parks and while you can hire sitters at some of the hotels, we’d like to one up them with the idea of having Disney characters come take care of the kids. Imagine the faces of your little ones when Sleeping Beauty or Mickey comes to put them to bed. And while those that star in the bedtime stories, read the bedtime stories to the kiddos, parents can find out just how magical Disney can be…even for adults!

Mickey Says: Terrific Idea! Let’s just make sure we do a background check on Cinderella.

You Say: Love it or Leave it?

2. The Weather Perfector

HDRtist HDR Rendering - http://www.ohanaware.com/hdrtist/photo credit: Jeffrey via creative commons flickr

We Say: What’s worse than waiting in two-hour lines while it thunder storms? Forget Fast Pass bracelets. How about a Weather Perfector Band instead? Sure, skipping to the head of the line is nice, but what if your Weather Perfector Band could make the clouds part, the sun come out, and the temperature hold a steady 78 degrees for the duration of your stay in the swipe of a bracelet? Sounds like a few perfect days at Disney to us!

Mickey Says: Who do you think I am? King Triton? I can’t control the weather.

You Say: Love it or Leave it?

3. People Movers—Not the Ride, but the Streets


photo credit: comedynose via creative commons flickr

We Say: Imagine our disappointment when we found out that the People Mover at Disney World was just a silly, little ride and not a way to get around the park without having to exert any energy whatsoever. But what if…all of Disney had moving walkways throughout the parks. Just imagine coming home from a trip to Disney totally relaxed because you only had to step on and off a moving sidewalk. Sounds like heaven to those who have clocked more miles during a few days at Disney than the Chicago Marathon.

Mickey Says: Good idea for the Mouse House!

You Say: Love it or Leave it?

4. RoboGuide


photo credit: futureatlas via creative commons flickr

We Say: Sure, you can hire a pricey human guide (boring), but for those of us who can’t dip into the college fund to ensure we hit the hotspots, check out Disney’s RoboGuide! Just program all the things your kids love and these metal buddies will lead your brood around the parks until you’re ready to crash for the day. They’ll even stand in line for you, so you can take a break at the snack shop while you wait for Space Mountain.

Mickey Says: Everyone loved WALL-E! Let’s try it!

You Say: Love it or Leave it?

5. Noise-Proof Chambers


photo credit: Sumeet Jain via creative commons flickr

We Say: Disney meltdowns will most likely happen at the worst time, like when it’s finally your turn to step onto the It’s A Small World boat after waiting an hour and a half. Fear not! Take advantage of one of the see-through, noise-proof chambers all over the parks that you can throw your kids into while they cry it out. Let them have a full-blown tantrum inside the clear box and once you see that they’re done, just pull them out and continue on. Don’t worry, the chambers are air-conditioned, vented, and again, totally and completely sound proof. It’s so genius, we’re thinking of presenting the idea to the mayor of our city.

Mickey Says: No way! I know what it’s like to feel like a rat in a cage.

You Say: Love it or Leave it?

6. Family-Sized Flying Umbrella


photo credit: Mary Merry via creative commons flickr

We Say: If your Disney app has you family scheduled down to the minute, you’ll need even faster transportation than the incredible People Mover (hey, it’s genius, OK?!) Take to the friendly skies for travel in mere minutes with a Mary Poppins-esque Family-Sized Flying Umbrella. Just rent an umbrella that holds a family of 6. Have everyone grab onto the handle, enter your destination into the umbrella’s GPS system, and then hang tight while your umbrella opens up and flies your family to your next location. Please note: Skirts or dresses are not recommended attire for frequent fliers.

Mickey Says: What’s next? Flying shoes? I don’t think so!

You Say: Love it or Leave it?

Tell us which one of our features you would love to see at Disney. Got one we didn’t think of? Fill us in below!

— Jo Aaron