If you’re wanting a DIY costume for your little goblin this Halloween, but when it comes to using the sewing machine it feels like you have eight arms (none of which know how to use a said sewing machine) then we have the perfect, unbelievably easy costume for you. Turn your tike into a spectacular sea creature by following these simple instructions.


What You’ll Need

  1. A onsie. Long-sleeves, short sleeves—it doesn’t matter.
  2. 4 pairs of knee socks. We went to the dollar store and found these spotted beauties—it’s like they were made to be tentacles! (And the whole purchase set us back less than $4)
  3. 4 Safety pins.
  4. Extra fabric for stuffing. Light weight fabric is best. We used muslin swaddling blankets and a few scarves.Octopus_costume2

How to Do It

Stuff 4 of the socks with fabric or other stuffing. Use the safety pins to attach 4 tentacles to the onsie, 2 to the front, 2 to the back. Slip the remaining 4 socks over their arms and legs and, poof! Octopus! If you are handy with the needle and thread, feel free to sew the tentacles on for a more sturdy costume.

Do you have any ideas for super easy Halloween costumes? Tell us in the comments below! 

–Erin Feher