photo: Pexels

A gym just for pregnant women and new mommies? Yep. Now it’s a thing. A much-needed thing. You know how it goes. Your body is changing by the moment. During those three trimesters, and the time right after, your belly is growing, growing some more, shrinking and then sagging a bit. And that’s not even mentioning what your hips, thighs and butt are doing. Hey, it’s all part of the miracle of childbirth. With the ever-changing preggo female form being a concern for many mamas, take a look at what two women created to help.

FPC is NYC gym that claims to be a “prenatal fitness revolution.” And it is. Co-founders Carolina Gunnarsson and Joanie Johnson found that there weren’t exactly a lot of exercise options for expectant women. So they changed the game and created their own gym.

Tired of workouts that, “treat pregnancy like an illness” (according to their website), the duo decided to create workouts that are challenging, but still safe. With small classes and a focus on helping the pregnant or post-partum women, FPC is something that every mama needs.

Forget about going to the same old gym that you went to in your pre-pregnancy days or trying some odd sort of workout that makes you feel like a crystal that’s about to crack. A gym for mamas is the perfect place for pregnant, and post-partum, women to learn to live in and love their bodies.

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