Take a spin down the doll aisle of your favorite toy store. Okay, okay. We know you probably do this plenty. The next time you’re indulging your kiddo in a little toy shopping, stop and take a look at the dolls. Are they inclusive? Umm, kind of. Yes, you’ll find dolls of different colors at most toy stores. But, is that enough? One dollmaker is going a step (or a few) above and beyond to make toys that truly show the range of colors, shapes and sizes that we all come in!

Crystal Kaye is the artist behind Kay Customz. Not only are Crystal’s custom dolls cute, but they’re also inclusive. She goes beyond creating dolls in a few different skin tones, and makes dolls with freckles (and not just the traditional two or three that are meant to look cute but don’t really represent what a normal person looks like freckles), vitiligo and albinism.

Think about how your child would feel if she couldn’t see herself reflected in the face (or body) of a doll. She might not think that her color, size or shape is beautiful — even though it is. These dolls help children who are beautiful in all kinds of different ways realize that there isn’t just one way to look.

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