If putting together an awesome DIY Halloween costume for your kids is challenging, just imagine creating a brand new costume every single day of the month. That’s what one mom did for her twins and the results are completely adorable.

For the last two years, mom Lauren Mancke has been building one of the most epic Instagram feeds ever with pics of her son, Fox, wearing a brand new costume every day for the month of October. This year, Mancke has been making the too-cute pics double the fun by shifting the project to her 9-month-old twin girls, Lera Wren and Marigold Elle.

The inspiration for the daily costumes, which have included Thelma and Louise and Lucy and Ethel, comes from characters in the family’s favorite books and shows, Mancke explained to POPSUGAR. “I usually make the day’s costume the night before and some in the morning (I work well under pressure!). The supplies are usually clothes we already own or have borrowed from friends, craft supplies, and pieces of old costumes that have been repurposed. Then we take the pictures when they wake up from their first nap, when they are happy and in a good mood,” she said.

Mancke explains that the reason she does this project is because it makes her family, and so many others, happy. For more cuteness check out the full month of costume pictures on her Instagram feed.

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