photo: Jeffrey Avellanosa via Flickr

Words are powerful and can help build confidence no matter how old you are. The Scene produced a moving video of real dads writing confidence-building affirmations to recite with their daughters. Check out the video below and get ready to be inspired.

Taking a page from a viral video of a dad and his daughter reciting affirmations in the mirror each morning, The Scene asked seven dads to write words of encouragement and strength for their own daughters. In the video the fathers feed the girls the words and they recite them back while looking in the mirror. The silly, but confident way the girls belt out phrases like, “I am little, but I’m a force,” and “I love myself, I love my silly self, I love my funny self, I love all myself” is sure to send you reaching for a tissue and a hug from your own daughters.

These affirmations aren’t just adorable: According to experts, repeating these powerful mantras can actually make a positive impact on a person, no matter what age or gender.

What affirmations would you write for your kids? Share your ideas in the comments.