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Looking for a throwback baby name? Let’s push back the cool 1990s or 80s names. Let’s go way way back to the medieval times. The Dictionary of Medieval Names contains over 1,000 majestic names recorded from year 500 to 1600 for your picking. Here are some of our favorite names from A to Z:

  • ArtcarOld Breton arth ‘bear’ + Old Breton car ‘friend, kinsman’.
  • BrungerOld English brun ‘brown’, + Old English gar ‘spear’.
  • CleopasAncient Greek ‘(good) report; flame, glory’ + Ancient Greek ‘father’.
  • DonataLatin donata ‘given’
  • EverbernOld High German ebur ‘boar’ + Old High German, Old Saxon bero‘bear’.
  • FrodebergaOld High German fruot ‘wise’ + Old High German berg ‘mountain, hill’.
  • GiliaProto-Germanic gailaz ‘merry, excited; beautiful; lush, lustful’.
  • Hippolyta: The name of an Amazonian queen appearing in the Greek myths of Heracles and Theseus.
  • IlluminataLatin illuminata ‘filled with light’.
  • JustusLatin ‘just, fair’.
  • KetillOld Icelandic ketill ‘kettle, cauldron’.
  • LovewellOld English lufu ‘love, affection, desire’
  • MandismaOld High German mendi ‘joy’
  • NadalfridLatin natalis ‘natal, of birth’ + Old High German fridu, Old Saxonfrithu ‘peace’.
  • OnofrioEgyptian Wnn-nfr ‘he who is always happy’
  • Quintius: A derivative of Latin quintus ‘fifth’
  • RubeusLatin rubeus ‘red’.
  • SixtGreek ‘polished’.
  • ThanburgOld Saxon thanc, thank ‘thought’ + Old High German burg ‘castle, city, stronghold’.
  • ValensLatin valens ‘strong, vigorous, healthy, powerful’.
  • WulfgerOld English, Gothic wulf ‘wolf’ + Old Saxon ger ‘spear’.
  • Ysoria: Uncertain, but perhaps related to Latin Isaura, an ethic byname derived from the region of Isauria in Asia Minor.
  • ZwentiboldProto-Indo-European *ḱweytos ‘bright, shine’ + Polish pułk ‘regiment’

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