photo: Pixabay

If you’ve ever regretted overdoing it on Christmas morning, you’re not alone. Even celebrity parents, like Mila Kunis, feel like they might need to start minimizing gift giving over the holiday season. Some families are even making big changes when it comes to the amount of presents that appear under the tree, by limiting it to one magic number: 4.

As mom Jordan Harrell explained to Business Insider, she got tired of the not-so-joyful feeling when her kids would turn to her and her husband on Christmas morning and wonder, “Do we have any more presents?! Is that all?!” In order to make gift giving more meaningful, and instill gratefulness in her kids, she has initiated a four-gift rule.

Harrell isn’t the only parent using this gift strategy known as want/need/wear/read. The idea, which has made the mom blog rounds for a few years now is that kids can expect exactly four presents from Santa. One present is something they really want, one is something they need, one is something to wear, and the last is a book to read. Harrell says the strategy has worked well, though it was a little easier for her to since her kids were still very young when she started it.

Other parents, like Lauren Greutman, didn’t have it quite as easy. As she explained to Business Insider, she started the idea when her son was already 8-years-old and had gotten used to the idea of more presents. While he was upset at first, Gruetman says he adjusted and now all of her kids, “think more about the family experiences over what [gifts] they’re getting.”

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