photo: Travel As They Grow

When new parents Terry and Jennifer Constant found that their jobs were getting in the way of spending time with their newborn they decided to quit, sell their house, and travel the world in a Winnebago. Read on to find out how their life-changing plan has turned out.

photo: Travel As They Grow

In January, the young family traded their four bedroom house in England for a twenty-foot motorhome and have been traveling through Spain ever since. Jennifer told Travel+Leisure, “I had to pay for someone else to look after my son, while I continued to stare out of the window at work wishing the day away until I could pick up my little boy, in order to basically just put him to bed on a daily basis. I just thought there must be more to life than this.” They have documented their journey with their now 15-month old on their blog, Travel As They Grow, and are planning to head to Portugal next, as they make their way through Europe.

While the thought of getting lost while on the road with a tantrum-prone toddler might not sound appealing to everyone, it does have its perks. “Watching your baby grow up in a relaxed environment, traveling the globe, is one of the best preschool educations you can offer,” Jennifer told Travel+Leisure. And to be fair, the couple already had plenty of experience on the road under their belts. They backpacked across the world together for three years in college, so it’s not as if they jumped into the experience completely blind.

Life on the road with a toddler is definitely a little different than backpacking with your college sweetheart. However, it’s well worth any hassle, and the financial sacrifice of quitting their jobs, according to Jennifer. “Life is so precious and time is worth so much more than money,” she says.

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