photo: Amy Purling

Every moment with a new baby is precious, but those special milestones you love to document with adorable Instagram pics are especially memorable. When it comes to preemies, those milestones can be a little bit different than the typical first smile or first bath. From just breathing to sucking a pacifier, even the most minor events can be cause for major excitement when a baby is a preemie. Break out the tissues and keep reading below to learn the story behind these adorable preemie milestone cards.

New mom Amy Purling spent five weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit when her son James was born 10 weeks early. It was when she began to document her son’s own miraculous milestones that the idea for Miracle Mumma was born.  The company offers parents a special collection of milestone cards made just for documenting the precious moments with preemies: from birth until the wonderful moment you finally get to say goodbye to the NICU.


photo: Amy Purling

The cards, which come in several collections including male, female, and twins, come pre-printed with sayings like “I am now wire free” and “I finally get to go home today.” Parents can also create their own custom cards, since every baby’s experience is unique.


photo: Amy Purling

Do you love this idea as much as we do? You can find the cards at Miracle Mumma.