Once upon a time kids set up roadside lemonade stands and had paper routes (back when the news was in print and not online) to make money. But now, the possibilities seem limitless. And two sisters are taking advantage of the fact that even kids can create their own destinies — and their own businesses! Isabel and Caroline Bercaw are teenage sisters who are taking the bath bomb business by storm. Check out the sister’s superstar story.

photo: Target.com

When the Bercaw sisters were 10 and 11 they started making bath bombs in their Minneapolis basement. With the ginormous amount of DIY info out there, it’s no wonder that girls like these two got to work and made their own bath and beauty products. Well, the sisters didn’t stop there.

They saw a problem with most of the bath bombs they’d tried. And they wanted to solve it. While most of the supposedly fizzy bombs stopped working too soon, Isabel and Caroline devised a way to keep their bath products working for a much longer time (even after the bath ended). Oh, and they added a themed surprise inside.

Naming their line Da Bomb Bath Fizzers, the sisters launched their products at mega-retailer Target. Whoa! Not only are the girls enjoying major product growth with increasing sales, but they’re also giving back. Sales from the “Earth Bomb” fizzer are going to eco-organizations that help the planet.

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