Grocery shopping isn’t exactly on your bucket list. It’s not exciting, adventurous or anything that you actually want to do. Let’s face it — hitting the supermarket for an hour or two once (or several times) a week is a chore. Come on, you’re spending money that you’d rather use for just about anything else, you’re using precious time and your kiddos are freaking out. And that’s if you’re lucky. Oh, but wait. The grocery store doesn’t have to suck. At least, not in these cases.

My local grocery store is selling unattractive produce at reduced prices that would normally be tossed out!

This grocery store makes selling “ugly” produce kind of adorable. And cheaper too!

We’ve all been there. You’re browsing the aisles and your tot isn’t exactly…well, being reasonable. This Wal-Mart offers a free healthy snack for the children of their shoppers. Yay!

How many times have you changed your mind after you put some random item into the cart? This store has a shelf just for that.

If your child has autism, this Shop Rite (in Pennsylvania) has a majorly genius idea. They have special “Sensory Check Out” lanes that come equipped with putty, puzzles and other sensory toys to use while waiting.

photo: Target

Target is filling their stores with Bluetooth beacons to make a GPS of sorts for you and your over-stuffed shopping cart.

Does your local grocery store have a genius idea or invention? Share it with us in the comments below.