Photo: Rubbermaid Products via Flickr Creative Commons

Moms are amazing. It is true. Do they have some sort of amazing super powers? You bet! Why is that? Well, it is simply because they seem to be the only person that can do so many simple tasks…well, maybe I should say “will” do. These tasks seem so easy, yet they are seemingly impossible for a lot of kids. Check out this list of mom super powers!

Moms can…

Throw away wrappers. They are everywhere…On the counter, under the bed, in the couch cushions, and the favorite spot to stash them, on the floor one foot away from the actual garbage can.

Hang up the hand towel. No matter if it is the kitchen or the bathroom, the hand towel is always on the floor. Why? How hard is it to hang it up when you are done? Apparently, very, very hard.

Poor a glass of milk. Moms are seemingly the ONLY ones in the house that can get a glass of anything for anyone. Even when dad is in the room 2 feet away, they will walk all the way upstairs to ask mom to get them a glass of milk.

Answer questions. It is wonderful that you think that moms know everything, and truthfully, they do. But Dad knows stuff too. Really.

Find anything. The Kids (and dad) will search and search for the important item of the minute… “Mom, where is it? I’ve looked everywhere.” Nothing is truly lost until Mom can’t find it.

See messes. Most of the family is completely oblivious to the vast array of crap strewn about all over the house. They just step over it or around it or even push it aside and carry on to their destination.

Although super moms are very talented, kids (and husbands) can do all of these things.  Give it a whirl, kids. You can do it too!