In the spirit of starting the new year on a positive note and in celebration of the birth of my adorable son Hudson Horner, I compiled my own list of everything I love about raising babies. In a sea of articles about how to parent, how hard motherhood is and the extra mental load we all endure, an outsider may wonder why we even bother!

Although it is a role that challenges and pushes you in many different ways, there is a reason we keep doing it (and not just for that glass of red wine waiting for you after the kids go to bed, either). We all know what a special time it is and I’d like to vow to talk about it more.

In all their newness, babies are so precious: They can make any heart swoon and turn even the most serious person into a babbling buffoon. Here are some of my favoite sweet moments with baby.

  1. Their Intoxicating smell
  2. Late night snuggles after everyone has gone to bed and it’s just you and your peanut
  3. The cute robot like movement they make as they discover their limbs
  4. Their never ending fascination with Peakaboo
  5. Their big, beautiful eyes
  6. How they lock eyes with you while feeding
  7. Baby giggles
  8. When they crane their neck as far as they can when mama enters the room
  9. The heat they emit when they fall asleep on your chest
  10. Milk comas
  11. Their infatuation with lullabies; a powerful calming sound to any babies ear
  12. That moment after bath when they are clean and smell divine
  13. All the tiny clothes
  14. Gummy smiles
  15. Watching the world through their eyes – where everything is illuminated and magical
  16. Open mouth kisses
  17. The way they hold your finger with all their might
  18. The slow days
  19. Bath splashes
  20. Sleeping with their hands up
  21. The furrow in their brow just before they let out the tiniest cry
  23. How they love to hear you sing, even if you haven’t sang in years and only sing for them
  24. 10 little toes and 10 little fingers
  25. Baby yawns (ahhh)
  26. The way they instantly calm down when you pick them up (Mom superpowers!)
  27. Little baby burritos in their swaddles
  28. The daydreams and anticipation of the years and milestones ahead with your little one

These are some of the little moments moms are thinking about—despite our potentially long complaints—when we tell you it’s not just worth it, but greater than we could have imagined. There are so many more great moments that make our hearts jump. Please comment and share your favorite baby moments below!


Featured Photo Courtesy: Tim Bish/Unsplash



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