We know how it goes: late at night when you can’t sleep or when you’ve got 5 minutes (locked in the bathroom) to yourself you turn to the world wide web for answers to the questions you’re too tired, busy, embarrassed or unable to ask another parent (because it’s, say, 2 a.m.). We’ve all been there, and we’ll be there again.

We polled our team of moms and parent-readers to tell us (anonymously) what’s in their browser history. Read on to see the topics.

Oh, and sorry moms. The answer to #42 is definitely no. 

1. What color should my baby’s poop be?

2. Is bladder leakage normal?

3. Will I poop during delivery?

4. How much will I poop during delivery?

5. Postpartum weight loss tips.

6. Can I drink while pregnant?

7. Can I drink while breastfeeding?

8. How much can I drink while pregnant/breastfeeding?

9. How to keep your kid from getting in your bed.

10. How to have quiet sex.

11. What to do if your kids see you having sex.

12. Should I have another baby?

13. Best meal delivery near me. 

14. How the hell do you potty train?

15. Increase sex drive. 

16. Lower sex drive. 

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17. Do nipples change color when you’re pregnant? 

18. Will my toddler ever sleep?

19. Airplane hacks for one-year-old so passengers around you don't freak. 

20. Are crayons non-toxic?

21. My kid ate cat poop. What should I do? 

22. Early signs of dyslexia.

23. Early signs of autism.

24. Early signs of pregnancy. 

25. How do I stop peeing when I sneeze?

26. How do I help my baby to sleep through the night?

27. Is sleep training good or bad?

28. Is stuttering normal? 

29. Is the oedipus thing real? 

30. How to tell my mother-in-law we aren’t going to church.

31. Can I bring my kids to a wedding if they aren’t on the invite?

32. Should I bring my kids to a party?  

33. What if my dog/cat drank my breastmilk? 

34. Research on only children.

35. Do babies get erections?

36. Does my kid have ADHD? 

37. Does my husband have ADHD?

38. What if my baby was born without teeth?

39. How many times can my baby hit his head in a day? 

40. Does my baby need a helmet? 

41. Will my kid always be clumsy?

42. Will my boobs ever look the same?

43. Will I always have an outie belly button after kids?

44. What do I do if my toddler eats a sticker/bug/soap/lotion/leaf/dirt?

45. How to get permanent marker off a toddler’s face.

46. Are all toddlers this active?

47. Kid-friendly bars/kid-friendly breweries/where can I drink and bring my kids?

48. How do you wean your kid from a pacifier?

49. Can screentime hurt my kid?

50. What does labor feel like?

51. What’s the difference between labor and braxton hicks contractions?

52. Am I in labor? 

53. Do kids grow out of food allergies?

54. Did I cause my kid's allergies?

55. Things to bring for show & tell.

56. Things to bring for show & tell that start with a W/X/Y/Z.

57. Why won't my [insert age of child] year-old listen to me? 

58. Can I send my kid to school sick?


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