Photo: Matt Zhang

We can spot each other from a mile away. She’s the mom in the grocery store debating her 4 year old over which candy is closest to real fruit. Or the mother in the school’s pick up line hastily shuffling My Little Pony’s, pink sequined dance bags and no less than five pairs of shoes to make room for her daughter to ride comfortably. She’s that lady who rocks the rainbow loom bracelets instead of David Yurman and can sport a PTA T-shirt like it’s Juicy Couture. Those outside of our circle just don’t get it.

But there are some truths that mothers of girls will understand:

1. She will request “just one thing” on every shopping trip. “Just One Thing” is never  just one thing.

2. She wants to put on makeup. Your makeup.

3. Her dolls are her babies and, yes, they all have names. And you know all of them.

4. You must monogram everything.

5. She will have EPIC meltdowns. Often over brushing her hair. Or after giving herself a new ‘do (with those scissors she found). She really, really wanted bangs.

6. Webkinz

7. Justice. Not the political kind, but the clothing line from hell.

8. Taylor Swift lyrics. And which boy they are about.

9. Glitter as a part of your lifest‌yle.

10. What she picked out to wear is always better.

11. She needs that 152 count Crayola Ultimate Crayon Set with sharpener.

12. There will be hourly wardrobe changes to fit her mood. And tons of laundry. Tons. Of. Laundry.

13. She will ruin the American Girl Doll’s hair.

14. You will learn the importance of getting the girl toy in the Happy Meal. Check the bag!

15. Loving her so much it hurts!

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