Being a stay home parent is a tough job. You are always “on”. There are no lunch breaks, no water cooler chats, no downtime. So when your child finally goes down for a nap, you’ve got two choices. You could drive yourself insane and manically clean, cook, and organize. Or, you can get real, relax and stay somewhat in touch with reality.

Here are a few examples of things Mothers do when their child finally gives them a break. 

1. Crash on your sofa and reply to all 2,356,4590 text messages on your iPhone

2. Create a Pinterest Board for Make-Ahead Freezer Meals, but get sidetracked by Mom memes and follow 100 new people on Pinterest

3. Post a cute pic on Facebook, but somehow fall down the rabbit hole of personality tests. Now you know the Color of Your Soul (Black), which Patsy Cline Song You Are (Crazy), and Which Evil Dictator You Are Most Likely to Marry (Genghis Khan).

4. Start a load of laundry and forget about it…twice.

5. Try to get as many dishes, pots, pans and cups into the dishwasher as possible. Take a moment to wonder how the Duggars managed to do it all.

6. Call your Mother back and spend an hour explaining why you never talk to her anymore.

7. Consider doing that declutter your life thing, but after one look inside your closet decide it’s better to shut the door and walk away.

8. Realize you’re running out of time, so you sort through laundry for towels, uniforms, and undergarments and haphazardly put them away.

9. Cue up your favorite TV show on the DVR and just when it’s getting good…guess who’s up and ready to party?

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