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Bad days happen to everyone, but being a mom, so many more things can go wrong that contribute to a bad day: blowout diapers, a screaming baby, and for breastfeeding mommies – nipple pain!  To top it all off, we’re functioning on a limited number of hours of sleep. Luckily, there are still some things in life that can ease the stress of a bad day. Here are seven of my favorite things that make me feel good on a bad day.

1. Trashy Reality Television. There is nothing better than zoning out in front of the television and watching The Real Housewives (of really, ANYWHERE). If you thought your day was bad, at least it’s not being broadcast across the United States!

2. Sweating it Out. If I can get away, there is nothing I enjoy more than a good sweat session. My typical go-to is a good spin class. Not only am I sweating out my bad day, but spin class mirrors life and its challenges. As the instructor yells, “Never give up!” or “Push through!” It’s easy to compare it to your day and realize that you will push through!

3. Finding my Zen. On the flipside of a good sweat, a good yoga session goes a long way.  Taking the time to concentrate on your breathing while twisting your body in ways you never thought possible, makes you feel as though you can conquer anything!

4. A Long, Hot Shower. Even if it’s not long, hopping in the shower for a bit can give you that time for a reset, and chances are you haven’t yet showered for the day anyway!

5. Doing my Hair and Makeup. Taking the time to primp really is a good self-esteem boost. I can get lost in the preparation and forget about the stress of my day. Also, I won’t want to barf at the sight of myself when I walk by a mirror.

6. Online Shopping. When you need some retail therapy but can’t get out of the house, online shopping is the answer. Is it addicting? Yes, but as a mom you won’t have many opportunities to do it, so it’s OK to indulge once in a while. Is there as much instant gratification as actually going shopping? No, but Amazon Prime is a close second!

7. Music. I’m not talking about “The Wheels on the Bus” here. Take that screaming baby, crank up the music, and dance and sing around the house on the top of your lungs to your favorite songs. As an added bonus – throw it back to some New Kids or Bangles!

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