Spring is here, and it’s the perfect excuse to spend more time outside with your kids. From planting your summer garden to exploring your community before the weather gets too hot, here are 30 ways to spend time as a family this month.

1. Do something to make your hometown more awesome.  

2. Work on a special project that’ll make the backyard seem extra special this summer.

3. Read one of our editor’s top picks for best books published last month.

4. Try a new meal subscription kit as a family.

5. Teach your kids about generosity


photo: Erin Lem

6. Plan a last-minute weekend trip to the beach before the crowds show up.

7. Get into the spring mood with a carrot or bunny craft.

8. Read a book that’ll help your kids identify bullying behavior.

9. Go Geocaching.

10. Have a family dinner and spark the conversation with one of these questions.

11. If there’s one last cold spell this month, this list of indoor activities has got you covered.

12. Visit a botanical garden near you.

13. Take one of your kids out on a date.

14. And then, take the other one.

15. Set up an art project that’s easy to clean up.  

photo: courtesy Stephen Joseph Gifts

16. If your oldest is a preschooler, we’ve got something for you too.

17. Build an outdoor fort.

18. Plan a trip to a National Park.

19. Cook a meal together.

20. Read a few feel-good news stories that will teach your kids about compassion.

photo: iStock

21. Hike your own ‘hood.   

22. Host a family game night with another family. Check out our list of top-rated, new family board games first. 

23. April 10th is National Sibling Day. Read one of our favorite stories about brothers and sisters

24. Take advantage of the warmer weather and hit the playground circuit for a workout

25. Spend a whole afternoon doing things that don't require technology

photo: Jelleke via Unsplash

26. Plant a summer garden. If you need a place to do so, consider an old wheelbarrow!

27. Make a butterfly mask

28. Learn how you and your crew can go green with little effort

29. Plan an evening to stargaze. We've got the perfect guide for starters here

30. Go out for a special dinner at your family's favorite restaurant. 

—Gabby Cullen & Amber Guetebier



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