There are actually 29 days this February (hello, Leap Year) which means this month you get an extra day to do awesome activities with the kids. From learning about race and culture in America to checking out to listening to an awesome podcast for kids, it’s never been easier to bank quality family time. Keep reading to see easy family activities to help you spend time with your kids this month. 

1. Get inspired by Black History Month.  

2. Explore a new activity book.

3. Listen to a cool family podcast.

4. Make pasta as a family.

5. Do Saturday morning yoga.

11. Order a new subscription box.

12. Teach your kids how to read a map.

13. Take your kids somewhere to learn about past presidents.

14. Set up a potion table for the afternoon.

15. Hit up your local children’s museum.

16. Write your own fairy tale.

17. Plan a vacation to one of these iconic US spots!

18. Save your egg cartons for a sweet crafternoon.

19. Hit up a family-friendly brewery

20. Prep for spring with a DIY bird feeder.

21. Bundle up and take a walk.

22. Celebrate the Lunar New Year with homemade Chinese food and crafts.

23. Learn a new trick.

24. Spend a whole afternoon doing things that don't require technology.

25. Set up a sensory station.

photo: Kristina Moy

26. Hit up the playground armed with a bunch of new games and ways to play.

27. Embrace pretend play and watch your kids' imaginations thrive.

28. Read one of our favorite bedtime stories.

29. Bake a cake

— Gabby Cullen


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