This month, it’ll be easy to take advantage of beautiful weather, longer days and all the fun events happening in your community. We’ve collected 31 ways to spend quality time with your crew in May below. Keep reading to see them all.

1. Set up a stargazing station. The warmer nights make it easy to stay out late.

2. Make a trip to the playground new and exciting

3. Make something out of flowers.

4. Make and sail your own boat.

5. Get ready for summer by refreshing your backyard.

6. Arrange for a neighborhood tricycle race (our favorite kind of race!).

7. Learn about the latest women to shake up Washington D.C.

8. Pack some snacks and have a picnic.

9. Set up an easy gardening project for your kids.

10. Or, build a toy car garage on a rainy day.

11. Beat end-of-the-year wiggles with a few great ways to keep them busy after school.

12. Make a periscope.

13. Organize an American Ninja Warrior competition.

14. Find a food truck crush near you.  

15. Go birding with our printable scavenger hunt.

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16. Build an outdoor fort that’ll last the whole summer.  

17. Make and sail your own boat.

18. Make a dessert inspired by everyone’s favorite summertime drink.

19. Read a book that takes Girl Power to another level.

20. Have a movie night with Mom in honor of her special day.

21. Have a yes day with your kids.

22. Try your hand at food art.

23. Make a cardboard spaceship.

24. World Turtle Day is May 23, here’s how your kid can spend an afternoon as this sweet swimmer.

25. Set up a mini golf course in your backyard.  

26. Design a costume for the furry member of your family.

27. Build with something that isn’t LEGO.

28. Shake up bathtime.

29. Help your kids appreciate the importance of trees.

30. Take an international trip without leaving the country.

31. Get ready to go camping with our ultimate checklist.

—Gabby Cullen



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Feature photo: Agung Pandit Wiguna from Pexels