You may have heard of Elf on the Shelf, but have you ever heard of Switch Witch? Sort of like the Tooth Fairy, the Switch Witch stealthily visits the homes of little children, but instead of swapping teeth for cash, the Switch Witch gives gifts in exchange for Halloween candy. Genius, right?

The Witch has been known to give everything from stickers and books to basketballs and tablets. And digital gifts like apps are hot items when it comes to wow-ing kids. Here are ten options from Amazon Appstore Family that you, um…the Switch Witch…can give!

P.S. If the Switch Witch is feeling extra generous this Halloween, Amazon has new tablets coming out soon. If you pre-order a Fire HD 10 tablet before October 30, 2019, you’ll also get Minecraft for free from Amazon Appstore!

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Halloween Night
This simple matching game challenges your child’s memory by mixing up cards with pictures of vampires, skeletons, and witches. Help your beginner flip over the cards until you find two of a kind!

Ages: All; FREE. Download it here.

Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival
A girl has gone missing at a haunted carnival and you can help save her! Search for clues, find hidden objects, and solve puzzles and riddles in this app game full of illusions and magic.

Ages: 9+; FREE. Download it here.

Jigsaw Puzzles Halloween Game for Kids
Have fun piecing together spooky puzzles with surprise effects at the end! Choose from 24 different puzzles, some as simple as six or nine pieces and others as complex as 56 pieces.

Ages: 2+; FREE. Download it here.

Khan Academy Kids
Dig into reading, writing, math, social-emotional development, motor development, and problem solving with thousands of educational games, books, songs and activities! Create your own adaptive learning path to master important skills.

Ages: 2-6; FREE. Download it here.

Stack the States 2
Learn state capitals, cities, shapes, landmarks, flags and more to master United States geography and unlock free bonus games. Some of the visuals are really cool, like 3D models of more than 90 U.S. landmarks.

Ages: 4+; $2.99. Download it here.

Squeebles Spelling Test
Here’s a fun way to take personalized spelling tests featuring words you need to practice. (Parents can record words in their own voice or download pre-recorded tests.) Kids can earn turns and power-ups for a mini game called Squeeberang!

Ages: 5-11; $4.99. Download it here.

Medieval Math Battle
This app gives math problems a medieval spin as you add, subtract, multiply and divide your way through defeating dragons, trolls, and other villainous beasts. Kids can customize their own character, and the equations will increase in difficulty as more battles are won!

Ages: 5+; Addition level is free, $.99 each for subtraction, multiplication, and division. Download it here.

Cursive Writing Wizard Premium
Kids who know their block letters will love practicing cursive by tracing letters and words using animated stickers and sound effects. The app is customizable so they can write their name or even a custom word list.

Ages: 4+, $3.99. Download it here.

Toca Lab: Elements
Mini scientists can discover all 118 elements from the periodic table through experimenting with lab tools. From neon to nitrogen, learn what makes each element unique!

Ages: 4+; $3.99. Download it here.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame
Add a little Zen to your preschooler’s day with this emotions-learning, problem-solving app. Kids can help a monster friend take some deep breaths, brainstorm, and calm down.

Ages: 2-5; FREE. Download it here.

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