We love summer. But there are things we don’t mind leaving behind. Here are 11 of them.

1. Deep-fried state fair food.


photo credit: Jacqui Boland

2. The jingly-jing of the ice cream man circling the block every 20 minutes.


photo credit: Roadside pictures via creative commons

3. The unsupervised kid on the splash pad that likes to take spray-aim at you.


photo credit: “Muhammad” via creative commons

4. “Blurred Lines” on the radio. And your kid’s questionable rendition of it.


photo credit: Kia Clay via creative commons

5. Shaking sand out of underwear.


photo credit: ECraig4 via creative commons

6. Taking more time to slather SPF before a walk than actually walking.


photo credit: Robert S. Donovan via creative commons

7. Back-to-school paperwork.


photo credit: Celesteh via creative commons

8. Cleaning up what looks like a sidewalk chalk factory explosion on your child’s best outfit.

sidewalk chalk

photo credit: Lucidtech via creative commons

9. Carrying around a diaper bag that contains your weight in water bottles.


photo credit: Mrs. Flinger via creative commons

10. Convincing Junior to climb inside your car that feels hot enough to fry an egg on.


photo credit: ToriaURU via creative commons

11. Two words: Smelly Crocs


photo credit: Damongman via creative commons

Is there anything you’d like to add to our list? Tell us below!

— By Kelly Aiglon & Erin Lem