Postpartum bleeding in the weeks after birth is expected. Thinx, makers of period absorbing underwear, is now offering a Postpartum Set which is specifically dedicated to people who have recently given birth. This set will offer five pairs of underwear designed to absorb postpartum flow. 

Thinx postpartum set

The set, which will offer two Moderate Hiphuggers, two Super Cotton Briefs, and one Super Hi-Waist, is intended to be used in the 2-6 week postpartum period after giving birth.

“As someone who recently gave birth to my second child, I can speak confidently about the convenience, comfort, and security using Thinx gives after having a baby,” commented Maria Molland, Thinx Inc., CEO. “I’m excited that we are offering this set that makes it easy for new parents, or their loved ones looking for the perfect baby shower gift, to get exactly what they will need for that time in life.”

The innovation of Thinx at their highest absorbency level (Super) can hold up to four regular tampons’ worth and are designed to replace disposable period products, providing leak protection to every new parent.

“I have worked at Thinx for 4 years, and I have been a loyal user of the underwear since that time, but I really gained a new appreciation for them, and how they work, after I gave birth to my daughter last December. They just made me feel like my semi-normal self again!” Daniella Amirian, Director of Growth Marketing.

Wearing a regular pair of underwear with built-in leak protection, like Thinx, are just what parents need. In addition to bleeding right after giving birth, a person’s menstrual cycle — the flow they’ve always known — can change dramatically after having a child. The Thinx Postpartum Set will help new parents manage the unpredictability of their “new” period when it returns, so the set will continue to be a go-to in the underwear drawer.

“I gave birth in January of this year; and as a new parent there are so many things you’re learning and experiencing! I really love that with Thinx, postpartum bleeding was one less thing to worry about as I adjusted to my new routine,” commented Ariela Gittlen, Thinx, Inc. Designer.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: Thinx


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