You may know the last name Tapper from CNN. The news anchor, Jake Tapper, is in the public eye, but it’s his daughter who is making headlines now. That is, his 10-year-old daughter. Alice Tapper has done something that we have to say, is pretty cool. The 10-year-old helped the Girl Scouts to launch a new badge. And here’s why it’s so amazingly awesome!

The brand-new “Raise Your Hand” badge is meant to help girls gain confidence in themselves. Tapper (Alice, not Jake) wrote in an op-ed in the New York Times, “Last year on a fourth-grade field trip, I noticed that all the boys stood in the front and raised their hands while most of the girls politely stood in the back and were quiet. It made me upset.”

So, yes the 10-year-old did get to write an op-ed for the New York Times. Umm, when your dad’s a news anchor and you create a badge for the Girl Scouts, it’s kind of understandable. But the true takeaway here isn’t that a now-fifth grader wrote a piece for a major newspaper. It’s that she didn’t like what she saw and did something to change it.

Tapper notes that her troop later discussed the issue, and that the other girls admitted they had seen the same problem. That’s when Tapper suggested that they create a patch “that would encourage girls to raise their hands in class and be more confident about using their voices.”

How can Girl Scouts earn this new badge? They need to make a pledge to raise their hands in class. And they also need to recruit three other girls to do the same thing.

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