photo: Screen shot via YouTube

Think good things, speak kind words, and do good things. That’s the motto of an 11 year old yogi who spent 200 hours training to become an instructor. It all started when his mom used yoga to regain her strength after a battle with cancer. Grab your tissues and check out the most inspiring video you’ve ever seen below.

At 11 years old, Tabay Atkins is the youngest certified yoga instructor in America, which in itself is an impressive achievement for a kid his age. Atkins’ awesomeness doesn’t stop there, however. Not only does he teach three yoga classes a week to students of all ages, but he does it free of charge all in the hopes of helping others. “I first learned about yoga after my mom beat cancer,” says Atkins, “I thought if yoga’s helping my mom heal, if I spread yoga it will help others heal.”

While the classes are free, he does collect donations, 100 percent of which go directly to helping kids with cancer. This young man couldn’t possibly more inspiring.

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