photo: Ryan ToysReview via YouTube

Playing with toys is what kids do best, but imagine if they got paid to do it. One 6-year-old, not only found a way to make money during play time, he became one of the highest paid YouTube celebrities of 2017.

If you’ve ever heard the term unboxing video, then you’re already familiar with the strange phenomenon of kids watching other kids open and play with toys on YouTube. This fascination has led to thousands of unboxing videos, some arguably better (and less creepy) than others, and clearly Ryan’s are among the best. Six-year-old Ryan of Ryan ToysReview just made Forbes’ list of the top ten paid YouTube stars of the past year. Ryan’s channel raked in 8 billion views between June 1, 2016 and June 1, 2017 and reportedly earned an estimated $11 million.

Ryan’s career began by watching unboxing videos himself and asking his parents if he could make his own at 4 years old. His parents had never posted a video on YouTube before they started his channel, but now two years later they post a new video every day. In a 2016 report by The VergeRyan’s mom explained, “Right now, he loves making videos. Every time I tell him we’re going to film, he gets so excited. As long as he’s loving it and it doesn’t disrupt his daily routine, we plan on continuing. But the moment he’s not having fun any more, that’s when it will be time to stop.”

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