photo: Pixabay

The studies go back and forth on whether digital technology is good for kids or not, but one mom recently got a hard lesson in the downside to having a tech-savvy tot. Her very smart 6-year-old used a simple, but completely genius way to shop on Amazon all by herself.

Bethany Howell had fallen asleep watching a movie with her daughter Ashlynd, when the little girl decided it would be the perfect time to do a little online shopping. Using her mom’s thumb, Ashlynd was able to unlock her phone and buy, not one, but 13 Pokemon toys on Amazon. According to Babble, Bethany discovered the secret shopping spree the next day when she received confirmation emails for the order.

“Usually when she plays on my phone she will look at YouTube videos, play games, or pull up my Netflix app … When I first learned that she had ordered toys on Amazon I thought it was not intentional. Then later when she told me she was shopping and it was all going to come to the house I was shocked. I had no idea she even knew what Amazon was,” she told Babble.

Ashlynd didn’t fully understand that what she had done was wrong, but when her parents sat her down an explained she apologized and understood that she shouldn’t repeat her actions. In the end, Bethany was only able to return four of the 13 items ordered, but she came up with a clever way to keep the toys by telling Ashlynd that Santa had intercepted the order and would deliver them to her on Christmas.

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