Does your child still believe in Santa? One 6-year-old boy from Virginia doesn’t. And his hilariously cute letter to Mr. Claus is getting the internet’s attention. When asked to write a letter to jolly ol’ Saint Nick, the 6-year-old had plenty to say, and none of it would land him on the nice list. After reading the letter the boy’s mother, NPR National Desk Reporter Sarah McCammon, posted a pic of it on Twitter. And that’s where it really took off.

McCammon posted the letter on a Sunday, and by the next day it was featured on Twitter’s Moments. With more than 121,200 likes and over 40,780 retweets it’s kind of obvious that everyone is enjoying the skepticism that this 6-year-old has when it comes to the Santa story.

The boy starts the letter off by letting Saint Nick know, “Santa I’m only doing this for class.” He goes on to add that he knows Santa’s “notty”[sic] and “good” lists are both “emty.”[sic] Oh, and then he gets personal, adding, “and your life is emty.”[sic] Whoa!

He ends the less-than-sweet (but super-funny) letter by saying, “You don’t know the trouble Ive [sic] had in my life.”

The boy’s mom told Reuters that she always tells her kids that Santa is a “fun story.” In other words, they know he’s not real, and that actual people bring the presents that are under the tree. But she does encourage her kids to keep quiet about Santa at school (so that they don’t ruin the myth for other children who still believe).

If you’re wondering why the “6-year-old boy” doesn’t seem to have a name, that’s because his mom doesn’t want Santa to know. And if you’re also wondering what “troubles” a 6-year-old could possibly have, McCammon said, “He said he was referring to his older brother – specifically, we gather, the fact that his brother often beats him at video games.”

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