photo: Charlie the beagle and Laura Olivia

Sometimes having a pet is a little bit like having siblings — if your kids drooled, whined for food, and left messes for you to pick up. . .oh, wait. For the baby in this cute video, having a dog is a little like having a sibling who steals your toys and then quickly repents when he realizes mom will hear your wailing cries of protest. Check out the video below to see what happens when the dog suddenly feels guilty for snagging the baby’s toy.

Baby toys and dog toys have a lot in common. They’re colorful, they squeak, they’re chewable . . . so it’s easy to see why a dog might want to get his jaws on one. For the beagle in this video, the temptation is just too much and he steals a toy from his baby owner, only to be immediately hit with guilt (not to mention a crying baby).

To make amends this pup named Charlie decides to bring the baby more toys than her tiny hands could possibly grab. Charlie scampers off repeatedly only to return with yet another toy to pile on the baby’s lap. The cutest moment comes at the end when he looks to his owner, who has been filming the entire thing, as if to say, “see I’m sharing.” If only fights among human siblings were so easy to diffuse.

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