Just imagine an electronic toy that actually encourages kids to think creatively and keeps them endlessly entertained. You won’t have to just imagine for long, because thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign that toy is about to become a reality.

Woobo is a cuddly stuffed animal that actually responds when your kids play with it thanks to an interactive, touchscreen face and sensors in the hands and feet that react to being pressed. The computer database comes loaded with games, songs and even stories. When kids press Woobo’s hand it engages the activities and when they press its ear they can talk to Woobo and ask it questions. The cute robot will answer all of life’s most pressing conundrums, like why is the sky blue and what do bats eat?

Woobo comes in three colors: pink, purple and teal. As of this writing the Kickstarter is fully backed, which means the robots will ship in December just in time to be the hit holiday gift. But you can still score one at the early bird price of $119, which is 40% off of what the retail price will be.

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