photo: Rumble Facebook/ Screenshot

There’s nothing quite like the love between siblings. Though they might not always get along, when they do it’s some of the cutest stuff you’ve ever seen. The little girl in the adorable video below clearly loves her brother and shows him every single day when he steps off the bus from school.

The lucky mom of this brother and sister created a video compilation of her daughter’s heartmelting daily greeting when her big brother arrives at home on the school bus. Each day she runs up to the bus as her brother steps off and gives him a gigantic hug. And each day he hugs her right back, lifting her short legs off the ground in a loving embrace.

It’s pretty much impossible to watch and not want to give your own kids a hug. Even on those days when it seems like they might kill each other, it’s all worth it for moments like these.

What special ways do your kids show their love for each other? Share the cuteness in the comments!