photo: toholio via Flickr

Whether you’re lugging a baby on your hip or slinging your toddler on your shoulders for a piggyback ride, carrying your kids around is a big part of being a parent. When it comes to moms in the wild, there are no BabyBjorns or Ergos to lend a helping hand, so animals have to find some more unique ways to tote their mini-mes around. Check out the adorable video from The Dodo below to see how animal moms carry their babies.

From swan moms tucking their chicks under their wings while they swim to crocodiles carrying their babies in their sharp-toothed jaws, each animal has their own signature way of carrying their offspring. However, the one thing they all have in common, not only with each other, but with human moms too, is that they’re all willing to give their muscles a workout to care for their young.

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