photo: Pexels

Flying with kids is…well, not always the easiest activity for a parent to participate in. And that’s kind of an understatement. You bring along the iPad, stash a stack of picture books in your bag and cross your fingers and hope that your little ones make it all the way through the flight before freaking out. And sometimes they do just that. But other times you’re stuck mid-flight wishing you had just one more toy or a new plaything to occupy your child’s time. Turkish Airlines knows how challenging traveling with children can be and they’re doing something about it.

As of January 2018, Turkish Airlines is providing a completely new selection of inflight toys for their littlest of passengers. The airline is known for their award-winning environmental policies. Not only does the airline have a fuel efficiency program that allows them to invest in newer, better, more environmentally friendly ways to fly, but apparently they also want your inflight experience to be greener too.

photo: Turkish Airlines

While offering a selection of cute little toys to children during flights may seem like enough, Turkish Airlines isn’t stopping there. Instead of giving your kiddo a bag of toxic plastic that will someday litter a landfill, the airline is using all-natural materials for their inflight toys.

The toys are specially designed for Turkish Airlines using cotton and wood that’s manufactured with the sustainability rules set by the Forest Stewardship Council. These eco-friendly playthings are made for children ages 3 through 12 and address environmental issues such as endangered species. Working with the World Wildlife Fund of Turkey, these toys are more than just boredom busters — they’re teaching tools.

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