We’ve all been there. You get the annual Christmas card from your cousin, sister-in-law, aunt or some other relative and cringe. There are perfectly posed pics of the kids looking like they just walked off of some mini model runway. And then there are the stories. Oh, the stories. Well, one family’s annual Christmas update wasn’t exactly what everyone expected. Check out this brutally honest Christmas card and you’ll see why the internet is kind of freaking out about it.

photo: PNWndn via Reddit

One Reddit user submitted a fabulously funny pic of a Christmas card from “The Allen Family.” Instead of the typical glowing details that highlight a year filled with honor rolls, first place trophies and family wins, this card is almost unbearably honest.

What’s so honest about this Christmas update. To start with, apparently little Landon is, “precocious and super annoying.” Umm, yeah sounds like a 3-year-old. And, of course, most of the artwork he brings home is “awful.” Hmm. Maybe a little harsh. Right?

Then there’s Hunter. He’s energetic, but he’s also, “surprisingly unathletic.” And he just got cut from the soccer team. No trophy here!

But let’s not forget about 18-year-old Maddy. What does she do? She, “goes over her data each month on her cell phone.” Typical!

And if you were wondering about mom and dad, well “Tom still tucks his t-shirts into his jeans and just took money from our retirement account to buy a fishing boat.”

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