“Business Baby” is all the evidence we need about who really wears the pants in the family. This meme-sation started after a Reddit user posted this picture of his friend’s son eating breakfast on imgur and the Internet went caption-frenzy in response. Take a look at all the funny captions below — we’re sure your sassy tot has telepathically said them once or twice.

peek-a-boophoto credit: Desando via imgur

diaper-changephoto credit: HallucinoJER via imgur

talk-numbersphoto credit: Crs3050 via imgur

story-timephoto credit: imluu via imgur

nap-time-reschedulephoto credit: ftufutf via imgur

juice-box-memephoto credit: bobudo via imgur

4-monthsphoto credit: ftufutf via imgur

nap-timephoto credit: ts87654 via imgur

doctors-officephoto credit: InvisiblePaladin via imgur

business-baby-memephoto credit: Stoned_Photoshopper via Reddit

Got any quotable captions from your tot that’s all ‘Business Baby?’ Let us know in the comments below! 

— Christal Yuen