photo: Katherine Dees/ Facebook screenshot

Some babies are soothed by lullabies, others prefer something a little less conventional . . . like Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On.” It might seem a little unusual, but let’s be real: it’s pretty hard for anyone to feel sad when listening to his soulful voice. Check out the video below to witness it’s magic power over this one year old.

It was a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial that tipped mom, Katherine Dees, off to the fact that her young daughter, Brilynn, was a Marvin Gaye fan. “It just happened to catch her attention a few times, and the more it came on the TV the more she loved it,” Dees told TODAY. She finally managed to catch the amazing effect of the song in the midst of a crying fit. Her reaction is priceless as her tears immediately melt away into smiles and dancing.

Dees has been using music to soothe her daughter since her premature birth and complications with acid reflux. While the challenging days are behind her, Brilynn appears to be a budding music fan in general and as her mom explained to TODAY, loves to dance and twirl around the house whenever any music is playing.

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