photo: Pexels

It’s book fair time! You send your little one into school with an envelope full of cash that she’ll turn into a bag of books. Now imagine what would happen if you didn’t have that cash to spend on books. Personal trainer Goldin Martinez is making it possible for everyone to afford book fair books. If it seems kind of odd that a personal trainer is involved in children’s literacy, it isn’t. Check out the amazingly awesome idea that Martinez has made happen.

Martinez’s own childhood wasn’t always easy. When it came time for his school’s book fair, he didn’t have the money to buy anything. Now that he’s an adult, Martinez is making sure that no child has to feel like he did.

Let’s get back to that personal trainer piece. So, Martinez started an organization, called Get Focused, back in 2009. Its mission is to help kids understand the value of being active and having a healthy lifestyle.

To further his organization’s mission, Martinez added a literacy component in 2015. He now works with schools, helping them to hold book fairs. Oh, but these aren’t your regular ol’ book fairs. Instead of paying with cash, check or charge, students pay with physical activity.

Each book is worth a set amount of physical activity (such as jumping jacks). After the child chooses a book, they get together with a trainer and “pay” with exercise. Kids with disabilities or injuries can still participate. The trainers are able to help these children with modified exercises that are completely do-able for them.

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